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The problem:

Hightower Creek Vineyards was in its third year of operation and had put significant effort into developing a consistent brand that they felt represented their business. They loved the look and feel of their current website, but were beginning to feel constricted by its lack of flexibility. In addition, their site was not mobile friendly, and Hightower Creek worried that they were losing out on potential customers.

“We had lots of ideas about what we wanted, but it was so overwhelming that we didn’t know where to start,” said Hightower Creek Vineyards winemaker Travis Green.

The solution:

Rough Openings initially met with Hightower Creek to understand the overall goals of the project. They immediately identified a few major requirements. The new site needed to be flexible enough to showcase a changing lineup of wines. It needed to be easy enough for Hightower Creek users to create, edit, and promote events at the winery. It had to be dynamic in order to give visitors a reason to return to the site and it needed to incorporate their current design and fit into their overall brand. Finally, it needed to be mobile-friendly. Green explains, “When you operate a business based on tourism in a rural area, you have many people accessing your site on mobile devices to get directions. Our site wasn’t doing this at all, and we were losing visitors because of it."
After additional consultation, Rough Openings CEO Todd Morlen and CIO Jade Chancey proposed a total rebuild of the Hightower Creek Vineyards website, including graphic design, professional photography, deployment and more.

“When they discussed building the site from the ground up, I was terrified,” said Green.

“After talking to Todd and Jade, however, I understood why the rebuild was necessary and could easily calculate the return on investment. It was a no-brainer."

The build

Over the course of a month, Rough Openings completely redesigned and rebuilt the Hightower Creek Vineyards website. A professional photographer took photos of products and the vineyard grounds, showing Hightower Creek in it’s best light. The site’s online store was completely customized to meet the winery’s
specific requirements. New graphics were created from scratch while still retaining the look and feel of the Hightower Creek brand. An easy-to-use interface was constructed to give Hightower Creek users a way to promote their events. Rough Openings even implemented a blog to allow Hightower Creek to connect with visitors! Along the way, Rough Openings maintained constant communication with Hightower Creek, making the design and build a truly collaborative experience and incorporating all of the client’s feedback.

The result

“I couldn’t be happier with our new site,” reports winemaker Travis Green “it’s better than I imagined and the fact that the guys were able to do this in a month is incredible." The resulting Hightower Creek website is completely mobile-friendly, equally usable on phones, tablets, or computers. The site is integrated with the HCV
Facebook and email marketing services, and the new photos have received many, many compliments. Events and products are managed from a central location and are easily linked from Hightower Creek’s emails and Facebook posts.

“I love that our site is finally being used as a tool to build our business rather than just a sign that we exist. We’ve received tons of compliments already and can’t wait to see where this takes us. Thanks again to Jade, Todd and the Rough
Openings team!”

Travis Green, Wine Maker

I hired Rough Openings to rebuild my website to incorporate the latest in SEO techniques and professional photography. The design work is outstanding and very pleased with the outcome. Todd Morlen and his team have been very helpful in the design and updating of the site. Always available to help and very quick with changes that I request. They are also on top of social media portals and the benefit they can bring to a business. I would highly recommend them for website development and management.


Craig Speak
Craig Alan Homes, Inc.

Craig Speak, President